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Embroidered Cotton Shirt: Timeless Elegance and Exclusive Detailing


Discover our meticulously crafted embroidered cotton shirt, where timeless elegance meets exclusive detailing. This shirt features intricately embroidered lace guipure accents, a structured collar, and exquisitely crafted organza-embroidered sleeves, making it a true work of art. The elastic cuffs allow for height adjustment, while the layered ruffles add a touch of sophistication. The collar button is a delicate pearl flower, and the additional buttons are miniature blooms, making this piece truly unique. This shirt is created by an exclusive designer and is perfect for any occasion. It’s a timeless piece, ideal for women seeking exclusivity in their wardrobe. Indulge in the elegance and quality of sustainable fashion while making a conscious choice for your personal style. Made in Brazil Reference: 3736 Composition: Fabric: 100% cotton Lace: 100% polyester Finishes: 100% polyester Size Guide: Small (S): UK Size: 8/10 Bust: Approximately 81-86 cm (31.9-33.9 in) Waist: Approximately 63-68 cm (24.8-26.8 in) Medium (M): UK Size: 10/12 Bust: Approximately 86-91 cm (33.9-35.8 in) Waist: Approximately 68-73 cm (26.8-28.7 in) Large (L): UK Size: 12/14 Bust: Approximately 91-96 cm (35.8-37.8 in) Waist: Approximately 73-78 cm (28.7-30.7 in)
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